The Best ClickFunnels Alternative in 2021- FG Funnels

The Best ClickFunnels Alternative in 2021- FG Funnels

the best ClickFunnels alternative in 2021

If you are in the digital marketing space, or even new to being an online entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels (CF) has been around since 2014 when founder Russell Brunson saw the need to create a software that would help non-techy people build a successful funnel with ease. Fast-forward to now and they still reign as one of the top funnel building platforms out there with over 100K active users, and passing out over 1000 2 Comma Club Awards (meaning people have made $1 Million+ using a funnel in CF).

A few years after it’s launch, new competitors in the funnel world popped up including Kartra & GrooveFunnels.

But mostly recently a new competitor has stepped into the ring, and I’m putting all my money in: that is FG Funnels, from the ladies of Funnel Gorgeous.

In this blog I’m going to discuss why I moved to FG Funnels, the pros & cons, and why I think you should get this software over CF.

Why I went with FG Funnels

I started to learn about funnels years ago when I heard Russell begin to say, “Websites don’t sell” in his marketing. I had to see for myself what he was convincing people of, so I read his book, jumped into the CF Facebook Group, and began to build my first funnel.

At first I really liked the user interface and experience getting setup, but when I began to build my first funnel that’s where the love/hate relationship began.

I loved:
– how easy it was to get setup
– how it guided me to getting my first funnel setup
– the dashboard was easy to navigate
– the drag & drop builder was SUPER similar to what I was already using (Divi & Elementor)
– it included many themes to get started with
– it offered “Share Funnels” meaning I could design a funnel, share it with someone, and if they sign up fo CF under me, I’d get recurring revenue (they have a great affiliate program too!)

I hated:
– how slow it was
– it would have some annoying buggy issues
– it was lacking design settings & elements I’d like to see
– the templates were ugly AF, if you wanted to do certain things you would need to know CSS
– their membership area wasn’t awesome
– if you wanted emails, CRM, automations, etc you needed to rely on other softwares & Zapier
– $97/mo at that time seemed a little too much for what it included (Their $300/mo plan is the better deal , but the average person starting out may not be able to make that investment)

While I was trying to figure out if CF was for me, I came across Julie & Cathy. They were very active in the FB Community and created gorgeous converting funnel templates for ClickFunnels. They were a hit. Julie even went on to be VP of Marketing in the company for a short while. But a few things about CF culture rubbed me the wrong way…and ultimately I decided it wasn’t for me.

So I tried new things. I built a funnel in WordPress, tried out GrooveFunnels, ran my 2nd challenge using Kartra (which I did like!), but I was still conflicted.

I wanted something I could fully stand behind and recommend to my audience in confidence knowing they’d get great support, and the best bang for their buck.

I began to follow Julie & Cathy on their adventures and in December started their certification program. Around that time, they also unveiled what they had been working on: FG Funnels.

Knowing how much they research & care about ethics in marketing I knew this was something worth looking into it. Now a few months later, I am loving what they’ve built.

The Pros & The Cons

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Is this software in Beta?”. That’s probably because many of us heard about and invested in GrooveFunnels. It quickly went viral for offering free funnels, emails, a membership area, affiliate setup and much more in the midst of a pandemic all of which is usually included in CF’s $300/mo plan. The only problem was, the software was super buggy and the interface was confusing. While I did find interest and even promoted it myself, I ultimately stopped because it was so buggy and too many items were still in Beta.

FG Funnels is built & private-labeled on an already existing feature-full enterprise-level software, GoHighLevel.

The main thing is, as a FG Funnel user you will get specific add-ons & features you won’t get with a normal GoHighLevel account. The ladies have been very transparent about this from the beginning. They are paying thousands a month to be in touch with developers, and some features they have pioneered GHL to get, which is slowly being rolled out to other accounts (that’s pretty cool).

So let’s get into what you’re probably the most interested in hearing, the pros & cons:

The Pros:

  • Super Quick Drag & Drop Funnel Builder with more design settings than CF
  • You can build a basic website using the same drag & drop builder
  • You can build a membership area with native video hosting included
  • Send Emails, SMS Text Messages, Send Voicemails, Call People, & contact people through FB Messenger *for email & text you will need a service like Mailgun & Twilio
  • You can view your calendar & create a booking calendar scheduler (like Acuity & Calendly)
  • Create advanced triggers and automations based on what users do on your pages and with your messages
  • Full CRM
  • Create an In Page Chat -Widget *NEW*
  • Visual Automation Workflows *NEW*
  • Get Reviews From Your Customers & send surveys from within FGF
  • Create Sales Pipelines
  • Split-Testing in Funnels
  • Automated Workflows (If you’ve used ActiveCampaign you’re familiar with this)
  • You can do Stripe and most recently PayPal payments
  • When you register, you will get 1-2 of their pre-done designed templates setup for you!
  • You Get access to FUTURE designs for FREE as long as your an active member
  • If you previously purchased a funnel through them (for any platform) they’ll give it to you in FG
  • You get THEIR support team (which is super quick!)
  • Free training to get setup
  • Free automations you can use
  • You can add your team in as sub-users
  • An incredible Facebook Group with mission-driven & heart-centered people!
  • You get 40% affiliate commission
  • They have an app where you can access your contacts/leads & keep track of things
  • They have a great help-library, daily office hours in their private Facebook Group just for users, AND they are in process of making FG University which will dive even more into what the software can do!

I replaced ActiveCampaign, Vimeo Pro, Zapier Pro, Learndash, and Calendly Pro all with this saving me over $600/year 🤯

If you join FG Funnels now for $119/mo OR $997/year, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Domains to Connect (you will purchase elsewhere but can connect to funnels/sites within FGF)
  • Unlimited Email Marketing & Texts
  • Unlimited Membership Products/Courses
  • Plus everything we talked about above!
Note: This is showing the ANNUAL plan. Currently it is $119/mo

The Cons:

  • Because it’s such a robust system, it is VERY overwhelming at first. They do offer a premium on boarding service for $700 & they have free tutorials & weekly trainings in their AMAZING FB Group for FGF users only. I HIGHLY recommend if you’re not tech-savvy to find someone to help you out.
  • Doesn’t have a user friendly experience guiding you like other funnel builders have
  • It takes time to setup because there’s SO much you can do & bring over
  • they only have their templates available, it does not have other pre-made templates or blocks like other funnel builders offer, so you have to build from scratch or modify one they have
  • you can’t create an affiliate portal for your products, you need something like FirstPromoter
  • right now you only have the ability to do a 2-step checkout (1 step is coming soon)
  • they don’t do share funnels openly available yet – they’re working on a way to be able to track it so people don’t sell FG Templates as their own to others. In the meantime, if you want to share a funnel, you can request it and the developers will do it for you
  • with the membership portal, it is VERY basic – no gamification, quizzes, etc.
  • no major awards like 2 CC – sounds silly, but I know people who only want to stay with CF for this reason

Is FG Funnels For You?

If you have been frustrated with ClickFunnels, and want a more-robust platform that offers campaigns, a CRM, triggers, a membership site & more, then get FG Funnels. HOWEVER…

If you are not tech-savvy and don’t have the time to learn FG Funnels, this may not be the best fit for you. I would recommend doing the premium onboarding for $700 or Hire one of their recommended vendors to set it all up for you.

Still not convinced? Watch this video from the founder herself.

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