God Tricked Me

God Tricked Me


When I was 15 I wanted to kill myself. My farewell note was written, my family was out for the evening, I had some minor self-inflicted cuts, but the knife was ready to cut deeper. Even though I grew up in a christian home and went to a christian school, I didn’t KNOW God. So in my final desperation, I asked, “If you are real, then show me”.

That marked the first supernatural experience I had. A peace flooded the room and I heard:

“You have a purpose, it’s not your time yet.”

My spiritual relationship with God has been quite interesting since then. I’ve traveled the world serving & documenting stories from third world countries. I’ve spent many years in ministry. Anyone who knows me knows charity & non-profits are my thing. In these experiences, I’ve seen & felt the demonic realm while in other areas I’ve witnessed miracles and wonders that make no sense with earthly eyes. However, even with all that, it’s easy to fall into complacency and put God to the side.

Guys, the last few years have been draining. Jon and I are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually worn out. When you have a marriage where both partners feel the same, it’s not fruitful. We both have been surviving, not thriving. Debt had more control over our lives than God did. We didn’t want to be part of a church, let alone do anything with God. Remember when I quit my “real job”, sold our car, and worked from home? I was SO incredibly lonely those 2 years. And even when we got married, moved into our dream home, and I got a truck, we still struggled. I didn’t want to post anything about our depression because who wants to be real & honest with that? Something had to change.

Then I saw a FB ad that caught my attention. I saw Pedro Adao with a 2 Comma Club Award (ClickFunnels users who make $1Million+ from a funnel get this). In the ad not only did he talk about how he got the award, but he also talked about how his people loved Jesus, had a heart for he hurting, and have a deep desire to do something larger. This caught my eye. The call to action was to join a free month long mentorship group with other people like this. At first, I didn’t want to join because I had been in paid groups and had been hurt by “marketing gurus”. But, I figured, “Heck, it’s free. Why not.”

After that month, I knew whatever he would offer I would be joining. I learned SO much that I had never heard from anyone and not even from the church. To him this group was a “taste & see”, just to see if there were others like him, and sure enough, people showed up and wanted more. From that birthed 100x Acceleration. A paid year long mentorship program. I can write more about this, but it’d make this post WAYYYY too long ?

Here I am 4 months later with a renewed heart, spirit and mind. I found my people. I now have a spiritual mother and father. Things that I have been WRESTLING with for YEARS have been broken. Business is growing. Opportunities are popping up. It’s been awesome. But I’m not here to talk about me, I’m here to acknowledge and wish a very Happy Birthday to my friend.

You see, unlike most marketers you see today, Pedro Adao doesn’t talk a big game and not follow through.
His life speaks louder than words.
He’s honest when he makes a mistake.
He spends time with us to help where needed.
He opened his home to us, provided meals and drinks for us. (people he’s only known for 4 months)
He treats us like family.
When I didn’t have a place to stay while I was in Cali, he generously offered a place for me to rest in his home.
He has the heart of a giver.
He is an amazing husband to Suzette Adao (whom I adore and look up to!)
He is an incredible father who honors and loves his children.
He is an influencer who uses his platform to inspire people over profit.

All this to say, Happy Birthday, my friend. Thank you for being willing to step out in this loud world to yell even louder and disrupt the industry! May you receive 100x more blessings in the year to come!

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