I believe every brand has a story to tell

yes, even yours...

My name is Alyssa but my friend’s call me Lyss. I’m a branding expert & wordpress designer for service-based businesses. I joyfully work from home serving many clients from around the world, but it wasn’t always this way.

Growing up I was bullied for my creativity. I was taught pursuing art would mean being a “starving artist”. I lived in this mentality for years, going from job to job, often failing, often in tears, and often wondering if what I did even made a difference…

Things shifted when I realized:everything is designed with purpose

including you

After years of working with agencies, non-profits, solopreneurs, and small-businesses, I realized that every aspect of creativity had a larger purpose. It wasn’t simply to make a brand “look good” or make money. It told a story that connected with people. It lead many to breakthrough. It provided clarity and creative solutions that made a massive impact. 

Living into that revelation has been a game-changer. I went from starving artist to artpreneur, and now thanks to my mentor, I get to share, and teach entreprenuers from around the world the value of creativity and how they themselves can make simple aesthetic changes that can make all the difference.

I know you clicked this page to get to know me, but can I encourage you real quick?

you were born creative and have heavenly solutions inside of you ready to come out

I whole-heartedly believe everybody on this planet was born creative, but many of us are encouraged out of it growing up. My faith is an anchor with how I view this life and I totally believe that deep down inside of you, there is a creative solution the world needs. Maybe for some of you reading this, you're in process of building that solution now. Creativity unlocks opportunities. Take risks. Be Brave. Do the thing you've been afraid to try out. Make time for yourself. Invest in yourself. Play! Imagine! But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I've learned to love life in new ways

here are some of my favorite adventures