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Hello, I'm Lyss...

I’m an INFJ, Type 2, Creative Geeky-Gal obsessed with color, typography, and the power of positive storytelling.

Growing up I was made fun of for being “different” and was told pursuing art would keep me a starving artist. While early seasons of my millennial life reflected this, I finally discovered how to use my creativity to help others.

From being a barista selling painted shoes & guitars on the side, to being a professional wedding & headshot photographer, to barely making it as a freelance designer, I have found my way to becoming a Creative Director & team leader for a well-known 8-figure Marketer & Entrepreneur. I have also had the joy to teach & share with aspiring entrepreneurs how they can tap into their creativity and do their own designs without using Comic Sans, Papyrus, or highlighter colors in the process.

With my modern-minimal design style, I have helped hundreds of small businesses, agencies and multi-million dollar companies develop better branding.

Outside of work, I’m fixing up my MCM Boho-Industrial home, hanging with my dog, playing video games, watering 1 of my 35+ plants, or I’m telling people about how much I love my 12ft Skeleton from Home Depot.