How to Create a WordPress Blog in 3 Easy Steps

January 31, 2017 | Business, Web Design

Blogging has increased in popularity over the last few years and will continue to take over the internet. It's an easy way to share your opinions, teach new things, show things you love, and most importantly grow your business!  Many people want to start blogging for these reasons, but have no idea where to begin! You can hire a designer ( like me! ) or do it yourself. If you plan on doing it yourself, then this blog is for you! Wordpress is hands down the best way to blog. If you're a Squarespace user, they do have a blog option available as well. They have templates and make it super easy to create & share content. The only reason I recommend Wordpress is due to the amount of flexibility you have and the hundreds of cool plugins & features you could add to your blog!

1. Get Hosting + A Domain

**UPDATE** I have switched from Hostgator to Flywheel. Even though I enjoyed Hostgator (and it was super cheap), I had several issues. It was slow, the server kept breaking down, and I had to pay to retrieve an old backup, I had to pay for an SSL, and if I wanted to add security I would need to pay. With Flywheel, all of that is taken care for you. It comes with QUICK speed, and I mean QUICK. I was mad impressed when I switched (and I asked myself why I didn't do it sooner!). They do nightly backups & daily scans for malware & viruses! Their support team is on point as well. So far I've had them for the past month and I absolutely love and stand behind this company. They do all the hard work for you AND their user interface is SO much easier to use than Hostgator & GoDaddy! Yes you are paying more than you would with a discount through Hostgator & GoDaddy, but it's totally worth it! If you need hosting, please check them out by using my affiliate link ! The only downside is they don't offer domains so you will have to purchase that somewhere else. I have found GoDaddy to be the best for domains. You can usually get them for .99 for the first year then $14/yr after.

2. Find a Theme

Once you get the hosting & domain set up. Install Wordpress. Once you have that installed you can now add your theme. I highly recommend checking out the Wordpress Themes at They have hundreds of pre-made themes for all sorts of businesses ranging from $30-$100 depending on your needs. Find something that fits your brand and purchase! Also, make sure it's RESPONSIVE (works across all devices)! Majority of the themes there are, but triple check to make sure. If you're a photographer, you could use something like ProPhoto instead to create a blogsite. They have over 60+ beautiful templates from professional designers. Majority of the work is done, all you have to do is update the template with your brand colors, fonts, etc. The templates here are a bit more pricey but ProPhoto does give you many more options than your standard theme from Then there's my absolute favorite, Divi 3.0. This is for intermediate to advance Wordpress users & designers. I'll share my love for Divi in another blog. Watch this video to see how easy it is!

3. Install Theme & Rock n' Roll

Now the easy part. Log in to your Wordpress Dashboard > Go to Appearance > Themes > Upload > then upload your purchased .zip file The theme will show up in Appearances. Click Activate and you're ready to setup your blog! Some themes will require a good amount of customization, however most come with "Theme Options" that make it easy to swap out colors, fonts, etc to match your brand. If this sounds a bit too complicated and you need a hand, send me a message!
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