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2018 has been completely opposite of what I hoped for. I went into this year thinking I'd get my thyroid balanced out and I'd lose 20lbs by summer. Spoiler Alert: that hasn't happened. I went into this year with high financial goals ($10K+/mo). To some, that's an insane & unrealistic amount for an…

Life According to Instagram

  • Trying to learn how to love myself more means not being afraid of showing my sweaty, chubby, tired, no makeup, messy hair self to the world in and outside of business. I’ll never be perfect, but I’m alive and like to keep things real and that’s what matters ✌🏻So here’s to more awkward selfies 🥂
  • This place has such a Haunted Mansion vibe in the lobby. I love it. Steaks are always a delight here! We need to find more things to celebrate so we can eat here more often!
  • Congrats to this colorful amazing brilliant hilarious national treasure, @jeffgoldblum , on his star ⭐️!!!!!! Here’s a digital illustration I did of him a little while back 😊
  • When was the last time you gathered at a table with strangers? I was thinking about the community dinners I did in Orlando and how much fun those were. One day we’ll bring that back. Hopefully one day soon.
  • I wear sunglasses all the time. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid (evidence pictured here). I wear them during the day and often while shopping (I can’t stand fluorescent lights). If Bono can get away with it, so can I right? One day maybe I’ll have my own line of shades...Would you buy fun colorful printed shades from me? 🤪😎
  • I had a list of things to accomplish today but instead I decided to rest and do whatever the heck I want. I’m trying to break my workaholic nature because being burnt out and exhausted all the time isn’t best serving my clients or my community. We took our depressed dog out into town today where he got ALL the loving ❤️ As small business owners, freelancers, and those who are work from home moms, you KNOW the struggle of working yourself around the clock to provide for family, pay debts, save, etc. It’s CRUCIAL to take time for yourself to REST. Please if you read this and don’t remember the last time you took a day for yourself, literally go and plan a day to do whatever the heck you want! Shut off your social media, ignore the emails, ignore the texts, take time for YOU. #selfcareisnotselfish
  • I broke the rules...I’m up late learning about a marketing platform and was full of ideas so I went to see if I had a spare notebook available (cause at the end of the day I love physically writing things out). I grabbed what I thought was my journal and opened to this. We started hanging out in fall of 2008. He wrote this in fall 2009. He knew from that year of us just being friends that this is what he wanted. This year makes 3 years we’ve been married and 10 we’ve been together. There have been times I’ve wanted to quit. There have been times where I’ve asked God “was this really the path you wanted me to take?”. And tbh, there’s a good amount I’m mentally and emotionally working out that I know is hindering our marriage from flourishing even more. When I read this I wanted to cry: first cause I STILL feel like I don’t deserve a guy like @fantasticmrhops but second because there’s SO many women out there who feel like they won’t find a partner who can accept them flaws and all. Emotionally manipulative and abusive relationships are really hard to let go, especially when you feel like you have no other options. You’ll ask yourself for months and even years if someone else will ever love you the broken way you are and I’m here to say YES you will find healing AND a partner who will accept you for who you are no matter what has taken place in your past. Thank Jesus for new beginnings 🙌🏼
  • Happy #ghostbusters day! It’s the 34th anniversary since the first film came out 😮 The last film is one of my favs and I’m so glad the ladies and @chrishemsworth are part of the ghostbusting legacy! Here’s Chris riding the motorcycle that I’m doing a replica of !!! Now to only get him to ride mine when it’s done 😎 (swipe to see the progress on mine so far) what’s your favorite Ghostbusters movie?