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2018 has been completely opposite of what I hoped for. I went into this year thinking I'd get my thyroid balanced out and I'd lose 20lbs by summer. Spoiler Alert: that hasn't happened. I went into this year with high financial goals ($10K+/mo). To some, that's an insane & unrealistic amount for an…

Life According to Instagram

  • Drove Frank to Tampa today. Yay for a 30 year old truck not breaking down! Boo to @ikeausa for having an item “in stock” but not having any left on the floor and not getting the forklift to bring it down for the several couples and I who were ready to buy the product 😡 We literally made the trip for them 😩 oh well!
  • Got a new whip today🤘🏻#jk If I bought a mustang, it’d be a 1965, though I wouldn’t mind riding around town in this beast! Today I went to get a few photos with @vers_creative at @karl_flammer_ford (so make sure to like those pages to see the magic ✨) If you’re in the Tarpon/Tampa area and in the market for a @ford GO HERE!!!! They’re an incredible family owned business with sale reps and service members who always put the customer first 🏆! My question for you today is: If you could own any Ford, which one would it be? #notsponsored 😝
  • This 🔥 quote 🔥is🔥 straight 🔥 fire!!!! 🙌🏼 (quote by Henry Ford)
  • Ivanka the Silkie and I are starting a Messy Hair, Don’t Care Motha Cluckers Club 🐔👸🏼 We’re obviously fashion icons. This club is gonna be Huggggggeeee 🤣
  • Looking to grow in your personal or business life? Break some rules. Society teaches us to be sheep instead of leaders. We’re taught to believe everything that’s put in front of us. We’re taught that working a full time corporate job is the only way to be successful. Women are taught that the only way they’ll be happy is if they’re married, have kids, and be flawless physically. Men are taught to not have emotion. Change won’t take place until were brave enough to disrupt the norm. Take risks. I challenge you this week to begin thinking how you can switch things up in your life. Is it simply placing better boundaries within your work schedule? Is it changing our daily routine? Is it cutting toxic people out of your life? Let me know what ideas you have to switch things up 👇
  • Already trying to figure out when we can take another break and where we should go (we love you Orlando but we need to venture a bit further soon!). How many of you feel like you need an entire season of rest and rejuvenation? 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • That typography tho 😍 I love a good coffee shop with a great design to it!
  • Checked out @craftandcommon today with @cldidonna and @fantasticmrhops . What a cool place! We’ll definitely be back !